Lot 7 Governance and Home Affairs


GSDO is short-listed for the EuropeAid Framework Contract Lot 7: Governance and Home Affairs

Sub-sectors of the Lot 7:

A. Governance

A.1. Promotion and protection of human rights

In the context of the human rights approach to poverty reduction, inclusive focus on

people's participation and empowerment, linkage to national / international human

rights norms / standards, equality, non-discrimination, monitoring / accountability.

1. Promotion, protection of fundamental human rights

2. Social, economic, cultural rights

3. Political / civil rights (women rights, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, children, minorities, migrants.)


A.2. Support to democratisation

4. Democratisation processes (incl. civic education)

5. Social / political roots of conflicts (conflict prevention)

6. Elections (excluding exploratory mission for election observers and election observers' missions)

7. Role / functioning of the Parliament

8. Citizenship (representative legitimacy, participation and political accountability)

9. Media freedom


A.3. Reinforcement of the rule of law and administration of justice

10. Reinforcement of the rule of law

11. Reform of judiciary (legal reform, justice and protection of human rights, capacity building, training of magistrates and prosecution officers.)

12. Penal regime (sentencing and detention, pre-trial, juvenile detention.)

13. Awareness / prevention of corruption

14. Police reform

15. Security sector reform (including exercise of civilian control over the military)


A.4 Public administration reform, and civil service reform

16. Public administration reform, organisational development of public institutions

(including policy formulation, planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluation.)

17. Civil service reform (including legal code, human resources management -

recruitment, training, salaries.)


A.5. Decentralisation and local development

18. Decentralisation (subsidiarity, legislation, accountability)

19. Support to local authorities (local and regional levels including municipalities)

20. Community based development (empowerment and participatory approaches, gender

issues, micro-projects)

21. Local development strategies (social, economic, multi-sector)


A.6. Enhancement of the role of civil society

22. Organisations (Non Governmental organisations, Community Based Organisations,

media, trade unions.), roles (service delivery and advocacy), recognition (legal

framework), participatory organisation analysis, needs diagnostics

23. Capacity building (development of strategies, management and human resource

development) (including design and delivery of training/mentoring/tutoring and other

forms of support in all aspects of organisation at strategic and functional level,

advocacy, internal governance, decision-making processes, accountability and

transparency, fund raising ), networking (networking at local, national, regional and

international level, coalition building, intermediary organisations, dialogue with

government institutions)


B. Home Affairs, the fight against organised crime (incl. drugs) and terrorism

24. Home Affairs, fight against organised crime (incl. drugs), terrorism



GSDO would like to include CVs of qualified experts in our submission and we therefore request experts who are interested in participating to provide us with their updated CV. Please send the CV to lot7@gsdorg.com



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