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Global Strategic Development Organization (GSDO) is an international development firm working with governments, businesses, and local communities to advance environmentally- and socially-responsible development around the world.

We provide technical assistance services ranging from quick-turnaround assessments and evaluations to design and implementation of long-term multi-million dollar projects in engineering, economics, planning, architecture, technical assistance and management in the areas of transportation, water and environment, urban and regional development, buildings, Aero space industry and energy, institutional strengthening, Loan facility, humanitarian support, capacity building, economy and competitiveness. more





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  • Social inclusion

    GSDO promotes social inclusion worldwide, supporting the rights of vulnerable and marginalised groups and their access to social services, education and the labour market. We help creating livelihoods and providing basic infrastructure for refugees and displaced people, and we address gender issues, civil society involvement, women’s and children’s rights in projects aiming at creating equal opportunities for everyone.

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  • Transport strategy

    GSDO develops transport strategies around the world through direct support to transport authorities, drafting of sector strategies and development plans, technical expertise in the prioritisation and development of investment projects and PPP schemes as well as the sound management of public and donor funds for the development of transport systems, including corridor-based networks like the TEN-T, TMN-T and Motorways of the Sea.

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  • Aviation Sector Project in Zambia

    On the 16th of January 2012, the consortium led by GSDO has started the implementation of the project funded by the European Union to Support Civil Aviation in Zambia. Having a budget of 1.7 MEUR, the project envisages activities for the following 3 years.

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